Saturday, April 26, 2014

Harvard professor alleging retaliation for supporting students

A professor at Harvard University has filed a charge of discrimination with the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination alleging that the university retaliated against her for supporting female students who had complained about Harvard's response to sexual assaults on campus. Kimberly Theidon, an associate professor of anthropology, alleges that she was denied tenure, despite being previously described as a strong candidate, after she posted comments in March 2013 in response to a Harvard Crimson article about sexual assaults. In the comments, Theidon defended the anonymous victims of sexual assault who were quoted in The Crimson, and argued against self-identified “men’s rights” activists commenting on the story.

The complaint was filed in late March 2014. Typically investigations into charges of discrimination at the Commission take anywhere from nine months to two years until a finding of probable cause or lack of probable cause is made.  

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