Thursday, December 6, 2012

Court worker claims sexual harassment complaint ignored

A female employee at the Concord District Court has filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against the Trial Court, alleging that the Trial Court did nothing in response to her repeated complaints that a probation officer was sexually harassing her. As reported by Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly (subscription required), Susan Ahern filed the complaint originally at the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination, claiming that the Trial Court aided and better the sexual harassment and, as a result, created a hostile work environment. She alleges that Probation Officer Ricky Speller sexually assaulted her, wrote her sexually explicit notes, showed her photographs of nude women, and engaged in other sexual harassment, and yet no disciplinary action was taken even after she reported the behavior to her supervisor and the Trial Court's general counsel. The MCAD found probable cause for her claim, and Ahern removed the complaint to Superior Court. The Trial Court has not yet responded to the complaint.

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