Monday, March 26, 2012

Housing discrimination claims settled

A Cambridge real estate company and a Haverhill housing management firm recently reached separate settlements with the state for alleged violations of the state's anti-discrimination and fair housing laws.

The claim brought by the Office of the Attorney General Martha Coakley against Judson House Apartments in Haverhill alleged that it unfairly discriminated against a disabled prospective tenant when the firm refused to believe the applicant had a disability unless she was in a wheelchair.  The settlement retroactively restores the prospective tenant to the priority waiting list, which she should have been placed on, and requires employees of Judson House Apartments to complete fair housing training. 

Skyline Properties in Cambridge settled a claim that it discouraged a family with children under the age of six to rent an apartment because of the requirement to remove lead. The settlement awarded the family $5,000 and ordered Skyline to complete training and provide information to the Attorney General about future claims of discrimination.

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