Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Dedham restaurant and town officials settle discrimination claim

In a rare public admission of fault, the Bamboo restaurant in Dedham and town officials acknowledged wrongdoing when the restaurant refused to provide disabled patrons service over the summer and a police officer allegedly refused to intervene, according to the Daily News Transcript. The acknowledgement arose out of an incident on June 26, 2011 where the restaurant would not seat a large group of patrons that included one person in a wheelchair and several service animals. The restaurant allegedly insisted that the patrons show identification for the service animals and claimed that the local health department refused to allow the dogs near the restaurant buffet. When the patrons called the police, an officer arrived who reportedly refused to help and accused one of the patrons of "getting in his face," according to one of the patrons' affidavits. 

The state's anti-discrimination statute forbids restaurants and other places of public accommodation from requiring identification for service animals and refusing service to disabled persons based on the presence of a service animal. The restaurant's website now includes a statement of apology.

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